Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Under the Tuscan Sun then not

It is really hard to put into to words the feeling one gets while walking on a back country road in Italy on a beautiful sunny day. The walk was described to us as walking across a calendar-perfect Tuscany landscape and that is just what it was. We walked 10.3 miles, the .3 is important to mention, in the most pleasant weather until just as we arrived at Bagno Vignoni and then it poured rain. We can't believe how lucky we are sometime. But let me share Melissa's start to the day. Each place we stay provides a beautiful breakfast of meats, cheese, yogurt, granola, breads, fruits, toast and other small items. Today Melissa put her toast in an unusual looking toaster and waited, and waited, and waited. She started to think we were going to have to go on without her and she would catch up when all of a sudden she noticed her toast had come out way at the other end of the machine. Italian appliances can be so confusing. 
On our walk today we passed two different groups of walkers, one group from France who had guessed us to be from Canada or someplace in the north. Now why would that be?? Another group had an Italian guide and were from Virginia. We had two French gentlemen pass us that had the El Camino De Santiago shell on their packs which told us they had done that pilgrimage at some time.  We stopped for lunch, pizza, salad and drinks in a little village called San Quirico d'Orcia. 
Our best reward yet came when we got to Bagno Vignoni and checked into the Hotel delle Terme. The hotel has wonderful relaxing mineral hot springs. Just what our tired muscles needed!

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