Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Gun Shots in the Early Morning Fog

The fog has not yet lifted as we get on our way this morning. We have a difficult trail to walk and we have to be at the Sant'Antimo Abby at 4 pm to catch our ride to Montalcino where we will spend the night. We are walking through some heavily wooded trails and we hear gun shots going off all around us. We have been hearing them for the last three days but today they are much closer and there are a lot more. We have to keep reminding ourselves, Italians like Americans don't they?? Then we start to think what are they shooting at so much , if there are a lot of animals around are we going to see them? Then we come across the sign, watch out for wolves. Yikes!! Really, we are six strong Alaskan women so we were not worried. 
Did I mention we climbed a lot of hills today? We were in back country all day so took sandwiches with is for lunch. We had to ford a creek right around lunch time so after successfully crossing with no one falling in, we thought, this is the perfect time to stop for lunch.  It was so relaxing sitting in the woods by the babbling creek enjoying the food and country. We only passed a few hikers today, one couple actually admitted they were kind of lost. 
We made it to the Abby by three o'clock and I am do glad we did because we heard four monks doing an afternoon prayer with Gregorian chanting. 

Little pool and water fall of mineral water along the trail
We will be up there in an hour or so.
This part of the trail went up forever and looked like it had been a roaring river bed during last nights rain storm
Wolf warning!

We have now climbed to that castle and are going down the other side.
The Abby
The monks out for a stroll before prayer

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