Monday, September 15, 2014

A Thief in the Night

What would you do if you were standing outside your hotel at 5:30 am and a man walked by carrying a piece of luggage that looked like it belonged to one of your hiking partners. Joanne would run after the man yelling, excuse me, excuse me, does that belong to you?? Luckily the man didn't speak any English and didn't know he was about to be accosted, he was our taxi driver just helping out before he drove us to the train station. It is nice to know Joanne would go to such lengths to watch out for us. Sunday was an all day train riding day but we did great with our transfers, sometimes with only 20 minutes between trains. After a half hour taxi ride from the train station we arrived in the beautiful village of Montepulciano at the B & B Agnolo. We went next door to the L'Altro Cantuccio Ristorante for dinner and some wonderful wine from Montepulciano.

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