Thursday, September 4, 2014

Planes, Trains, and automobiles

After two movies, a little sleep, and some reading our 9 1/2 hour flight to Frankfurt was not half bad. When it came to train travel it was a good thing we were all women because it required multiple times of asking directions. The first train we had to ask several times until we felt that we were waiting on the right track for the right train. The second train we had a little better feel for how to figure things out and by the third train we were back to getting lost and having to back track to get to the right train. We have been traveling for 17 hrs so far and are still laughing and having a good time. After arriving in Brugges, Belgium at 8:45 pm local time we decided to take a cab to our hotel instead of walking and met a very nice driver  Tammy gave him a pin from North Pole, Ak. to share a bit of Alaska with Belgium. Dinner was at a little local Italian place called Carlitos, right across from our hotel Oud Huis de Peellaert, wonderful dinner to finish our day!

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