Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Death in the Mountains or so we thought

Today was by far the most physically challenging day so far. Our road book said it was a 9.5 mi trek but our GPS said at least 13 miles and most of that was up steep trails and down steep trails. We had several things working against us on top of the grueling hike. Our hotel couldn't make us a lunch to take so we just took all the left over bread from breakfast and figured we would stop along the way for lunch but it was our misfortune that when we got to the village everything is closed on Wednesday. As a result we literally went the entire day on nothing but bread and water. Toward the end of the hike we even ran out of water. We did see some beautiful country, and even encountered the French Foreign Legion special forces out on the trails doing training. 
Our general concenses over wine at dinner was we all are very proud of our accomplishment today and even though it was painful we enjoyed all of it. We will take a lesson from the French Foreign Legion however, and be prepared from here on out.

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  1. Bread and water, yummy and think of how much you will pack tomorrow!