Sunday, September 14, 2014

Au revoir Francais

ROur last day in France we changed our itenary to do hiking and site seeing in Vaison la Romaine. We took a taxi from Malaucene to Vaison and the driver gave us a bottle of wine as a gift.  Now that will only happen in France!!
Vaison la Romaine has the country's largest Roman archaeological site which was unearthed less than a century ago. The medieval quarter of the city is perched up on the hill and remains perfectly intact, we walked through the old town and up to the ruins of the 11th century castle. There are lots of shops, art galleries and restaurants as there are more tourists in this area. Before leaving the country we had to have a French crepe, oh la la, they were so good. Joanne, Sue and Renee then toured through the Gallo-Roman archeological site while the rest of us watched a sports fair in the town square.  Of course, on our last day we had to get in one more wine tasting where we ended up buying three bottles of wine. We then went to our hotel, sat on the terrace over looking the plaza and drank wine, while discussing our take on life. Great time and way to finish the French part of our trip. We all loved our time in France and marveled at the differences in our countries. Besides the ones we have already mentioned we noticed there is never any ice, many of these types of things lead us to believe electricity must be very expensive over here. But on the other side of things how many cab drivers will give you a bottle of wine for hiring them. 

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