Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Six days before take off

We are getting down to the wire and the excitement and nervousness are setting in. The travel part is the exciting part, I have done enough of that to know how fun it is to experience new things. It is the physical part, the part that involves hiking over 110 miles in 12 days on uncertain terrain that has me nervous. I have done some pretty challenging hikes in the past six years but each year I get older I have to remind myself of how important the physical preparation is for each hike. I always think I should have done more but  then I remember the support and companionship of friends takes you where ever you want to go. There will be five wonderful strong women by my side so I say let the challenge begin!!

Friday, August 1, 2014

Day by Day Itinerary

Sept. 2, 2014 Leave Anchorage on Condor Air at 5:55 pm.
Sept. 3, Arrive Frankfurt, Germany at 1:45 pm. Take Eurorail from Frankfurt to Bruges, Belgium.
Sept 5, Take Eurorail from Bruges to Paris, France
Sept 6, Cooking class La Cuisine Paris "Market to Table"
Sept 7, Eurorail from Paris to Avignon
Sept 8, 9 mile hike
Sept 9, 4 mile hike
Sept 10, 10.5 mile hike
Sept 11, 9.5 mile hike
Sept 12, 8 mile hike, drive to Abby
Sept 13, 12 mile hike
Sept 14, Take Eurorail to Italy
Sept 15, 9.5 mile hike
Sept 16, 9.5 mile hike
Sept 17, 8 mile hike
Sept 18, 14 mile hike
Sept 19, 6.5 mile hike
Sept 20, 10 mile hike ending in Siena, Italy
Sept 21, Take Eurorail to Cortona
Sept 22, Cooking class Tuscan Culinary
Sept 23, Day trip to site see and shop
Sept 24, Take Eurorail from Italy to Frankfurt, Germany
Sept 25, Return to USA via Condor Air