Friday, September 12, 2014

Feeling Stronger and walking with the Mistral winds

You would not think that your endurance could improve so quickly but our hike today felt much easier than the last few days, that is the only explanation I can come up with for our new feeling of strength. We walked into a headwind of Mistral winds most of the day. The Mistral is a strong, cold and usually dry regional wind coming from the North or Northeast, which accelerates when it passes through the valleys of the Rhone and Durance Rivers to the coast of the Mediterranean around the Camarfue region.
Our stay at Les Geraniums was very pleasant except for one minor detail, Melissa and Tammy decided to go to a laundromat and do laundry but brought the clothes back to dry in our rooms. So I rigged up my nifty clothes line hooking it to the curtain rod all the way across to the light fixture. As the clothes were placed on the line, VIOLA, the light fixture came right out of the wall!! OMG what now?? After a restless night of sleep I decided I had better leave 50 euro for the repair having no idea what the cost would be, the owner was very kind and told me "accidents happen" and would not take any compensation for the repair. The French are very kind people!  We looked around the village and hiked up to the castle, which during the war, was bombed by the Americans and English because it was occupied by the Germans.  Fortunately it has been repaired and is beautiful today. When we arrived in Malaucene the town was full of bicyclists. September weather brings cyclists from all over to train as the village lies at the base of Mont Ventoux which has made 11 appearances in the Tour de France cycling race. I am amazed at the people and the age of the people you see cycling, they must have been doing that their whole lives. After some wine and snacks in the room we all turned in early.

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