Tuesday, September 9, 2014

And the Hiking Begins

Breakfast this morning was in the garden, so typically French!  Cafe', croissants, French breads, yogurt, fresh fruit, and juice. As much as we would have liked to linger there most of the morning it was time to get started exploring the vineyards of Chateauneuf du Pape. Our hike today was approximately 8 miles, we came across some workers harvesting the grapes by hand. Tammy asked them if we could come into the field to get a closer look at how the grapes are picked. They seemed delighted and gave us a bunch of grapes to eat as we walked. We got back to the village around 2 pm and had lunch in a little cafe by the fountain. After lunch we decided to look for the chocolate factory but after a long walk along the highway we were not able to find it so went to the museum of wine instead. Dinner was at La Maisouneta, just a short walk up to the center of town. Everyone in the restaurant were talking with each other giving full attention to the conversation, not a cell phone in site. Each night we go to bed anxious to see what the next day will bring.

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