Monday, September 15, 2014

Hiking the Tuscany Hills

Today was an 11 mile day with elevation gains of 1108 ft and the most surreal scenery you can ever imagine but I have to admit It was obvious I hadn't hiked much in the last two days because I was ready to be done and sit with a nice glass of wine. We hiked from Montepulciano to Pienza stopping for lunch in Monticchiello. The weather was beautiful with a breeze blowing occassionally. We hopped rocks across a little creek and even came across a wild boar. Wait, maybe it was just a pig, it was kind of far away. We walked past farms where little dogs would come out to greet us, one even wanted to come along. How lucky are we to be able to hike through such a beautiful place without a seeming care in the world! When we reached Pienza at the top of the hill we took a short rest then Sue, Renee, Tammy and Joanne went out and bought some wine and snacks. We finished our day on the terrace again, enjoying food and wine. 

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