Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Mary Had a Little Lamb

This morning we all gathered to sing Happy Birthday to Danielle as we bid her farewell, she is a very gracious hostess, whom we thoroughly enjoyed. 
We are learning never to assume anything when traveling in Europe. Especially when trying to find your way with someone else's directions. Our hike today was a short one and we toured several wineries along the way. Our favorite being Verger des Papes where down deep in their cellar are the original Roman wine vats where grapes were smashed by Roman feet. After a French lunch of wine and baguettes we were transferred by car to the village of Seguret. This medieval village is listed as one of the most beautiful in France. Our hotel La Bastide Bleue has a beautiful pool and since the temperature has been in the 70's and very humid, everyone took advantage of the refreshing water. This village is on a hillside so we walked up to the tiny city center to have a bite to eat and look at the beautiful views. Dinner at the hotel had a menu that was totally unrecognizable by any of us so we took our chances and just ordered. Mary and Joanne ended up with duck salad, Joanne traded hers off, and most everyone else had lamb. 

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